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You don’t have to choose between feeding your bank account and feeding your soul. Here’s how you can do both.

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Lots of gigs can earn you cash: driving, retail, food service, on-again/off-again babysitting. But they come with lots of challenges too: unpredictable hours, boring work or unpleasant customers.

  • green-check-college-nannies No Hustle
    It’s simple: we match you with pre-screened families that need help.
  • green-check-college-nannies Regular Paychecks
    No need to worry about asking to be paid or filing paperwork.
  • green-check-college-nannies On Your Side
    Need to change things up with a family? We’re here to help.
  • green-check-college-nannies Safety First
    Peace of mind: Every family is screened for your safety.

Bring your best.

When you’re a nanny or sitter, you’re not just taking care of a child. You’re inspiring them with the very best in you.

  • green-check-college-nannies Be a Role Model
    Change a mood with a smile. Bring calm to chaos. Show ’em how it’s done.
  • green-check-college-nannies Be Playful
    Hey, it’s fun! You get to be a kid again and share everything you loved doing.
  • green-check-college-nannies Be Helpful
    Many parents are overwhelmed with their daily schedules. You’ll change that.
  • green-check-college-nannies Be Adventurous
    What exciting new discoveries lie ahead? Rediscover the world through a kid’s eyes.
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Building Stronger Families®

It’s hard to raise kids today, with many parents working long hours at jobs that demand lots of time and energy. It takes the help of trustworthy, kind, problem-solving people—people like you—to raise kids right.



Through an ongoing assignment, you will develop a deep relationship within a family and become a true inspiration for the kids you care for.

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Want a work schedule that can flex with other commitments? Being an on-call sitter lets you increase or decrease your hours from week to week.

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What to Expect


Let’s Get Together

Apply online, then we’ll meet in person, or virtually to get to know each other better.


Get Prepped

We offer upfront training so you’re ready to go for your first assignment.


Find Your Families

Based on location, schedule and experience, we will match you with families that are a perfect fit for you.

Benefits for You


Full-Time Benefits

Depending on your number of hours, location, and longevity with College Nannies + Sitters, benefits packages are available.


Ongoing Development

From quarterly meetups to ongoing training, your home office will help you develop your skills for today and the future.


Networking with Parents

As families get to know you, you’ll build relationships with people who can offer references, experience, connections and advice.


Pick Your Schedule

Being an on-call sitter lets you increase or decrease your hours from week to week. Dial it up when you want to earn more, and cut back on hours during exams or vacations.


Get Paid to Have Fun

You’ll play, read, do homework, teach and play some more. If you enjoy being with children, it won’t even feel like a job.


Become a Role Model

Many nannies and sitters are surprised by the deep satisfaction of serving as a positive role model for kids.

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Schedule and Timesheets, Right at Your Fingertips

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When Do You Want to Work?

You set your schedule, choosing days and hours you’re available.

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Know as You Go

See all your upcoming assignments at a glance.

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One-Click Timesheets

Submit hours on your way out the door—our app makes tracking time super-easy.

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What Do You Bring?

It’s as much about attitude and energy as it is about skills and experience. What will you bring to this opportunity?

Childcare experience



Can-Do Attitude

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