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You’re always set for a Sitter.


Think of us as your “Go” button. For date nights, last-minute meetings and the occasional me-time, our reliable, professional sitters are ready to help you say, “Yes.” 
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The perfect sitter can’t wait to meet you.

When it comes to your family, not just any sitter will do. Our personal approach allows us to find great matches for your specific needs, family values and your kids’ personalities.

Why Our Sitters?

Every College Sitter is professionally trained and matched to your child’s unique abilities, interests and style. Can you say that about the kid down the street?

  • Trustworthy Child Care All our sitters are carefully screened and receive ongoing professional training and guidance. And of course they love children
  • Simple Scheduling Book your favorite sitters anytime. With our MySitters® app you can confirm in as little as 20 minutes
  • Do More Say, “Yes” to fun and get more done. Your kids are in great hands while your hands are busy
  • In Your Neighborhood We operate locally, know your neighborhood and most importantly, get to know your family personally 
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Kids Love Awesome Sitters

It’s a simple as that. And while our sitters are all about the smiles, they also believe in being positive role models for kids. Nice.

  • Activities matched to your kids’ interests and “best-sitter” wish lists.
  • Modeling reliability, accountability, imagination and a touch of silly.
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Complete Family Approach®

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Tell Us What You Need

We take the time to listen and understand your challenges and wish lists.

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Meet Our Team

We’re all about people, not algorithms, and believe there’s no better way to get to know you than in person.



Find Your Ideal Sitters

Why spend hours searching online profiles? We’ll find the right match for your family.

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Ongoing Support

We want you to have a great experience—and we go above and beyond to make it happen.

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We Have You Covered

Say “Yes” to Date Night


Go ahead, put a little romance on the calendar. Even spur of the moment. With us on your team, you’re always set for a sitter. Guaranteed.


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Overtime or Meeting Time, You’re Covered


With office commitments, volunteering and more, life can feel pretty hectic. We’ll curb the craziness, so you can focus on business. Meanwhile, the kids will be having a ball.


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Beat the School Break Blues


They can’t wait for school breaks. You? Not so much. Our sitters keep them smiling so you can get more done—from teacher in-service days and holidays to last minute snow days.


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Lace Up Your Party Shoes


Weddings. Holiday parties. Friends in town. Even vacation travel. Whatever the occasion, we want you to enjoy—so we make it easy. Just download our MySitters® app, book a sitter and get going.


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Take Some You Time


Even super-moms need a break sometime. Our reliable sitters will help you defrazzle, unwind, primp and pamper so you can be your best for your kids.


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Child care solutions designed for your organization

For religious organizations, corporate meetings and all types of events, our custom child care solutions will help you boost attendance and improve productivity. We also offer emergency back-up child care, a valuable benefit that can mean the world to your employees—and your business.

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Welcome to MySitters®

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See Who’s Available. Just Like That.

View real-time availability for the local sitters we’ve matched with your family. Selections are based on sitters’ experience and your family’s unique needs and personality. You choose who you want to book. Tap. Done.

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Get the Scoop on Credentials.

All the sitters selected for your family have been carefully screened and have stellar references. Still, it’s fun to look! You can see their certifications and professional experience on the MySitters® app.

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Make a Date.

Select the day and time you need and book. Receive push notifications of confirmations. Check confirmed appointments and leave personal notes and instructions in one convenient spot.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Using our proven Complete Family Approach®, we work quickly to find a number of qualified sitters in your area. This process can take up to a week, depending on your family’s unique needs. Once you have met with a local CNST professional, you will be able to start scheduling sitters.


We’re constantly recruiting from a variety of top-notch sources, including college campuses, established community networks, local public and private school connections, and online resources, including our own web site. Many of our quality candidates are referred to us directly by families and Sitters who love working with us. Sitters seek us out because they want to work with a reputable service that offers them professional development and guidance, and legal employment.


We pay your Sitter through College Sitters at an hourly rate. This rate is all inclusive, meaning we handle all the payroll and legal details: state and federal taxes, unemployment, FICA, Medicare, workman’s compensation, general and professional liability insurance and non-owned car insurance. The hourly rate also includes payroll services, ongoing professional guidance. We will bill either ACH/credit card on file for hours worked on a bi-weekly basis. To make sure you’re always in the loop, you can see your family’s detailed timesheets anytime through our secure, online family resource center.

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